Glossop Climate Strike Homepage

Glossop’s climate strike started with two local women putting a global call-out for all women to go on strike for the climate. They called this ‘Women’s Climate Strike‘. A weekly protest began soon after at Tesco’s garage, Glossop, in August 2021.

Glossop’s Women’s Climate Strike moved to Norfolk Square in September/October, and since then 3 children have been attending with their mums, making a small ‘Fridays For Future‘ children’s contingent too.

We want to invite all members of the community to join the strike, either as part of the two groups already here (women’s and children’s strikes) or to form other groups. Action often works best when people work with others they relate to, so that all sections of the community can be empowered and mobilised.

Please be in touch if you are interested in being involved, or else come down to see us at the strike – every Friday 3.15 – 4.15 pm in Norfolk Square.

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